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Online Suppliers
Modeling Clay Sources
Bra Kits from Fabric Depot

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Online Suppliers

If you are in the market for underwires, I have charts available in a free PDF file for determining underwire sizes.

Arte Crafts Bra Making Supplies  (USA)
An online resource that specializes in bra making supplies exclusively. They have a great selection of bra findings in a variety of colors. Underwire sizes are available as a printout.
Beautiful Bras   (Australia)
The company that sells Lee-Ann Burgess' books and videos on bra making also offers a limited selection of supplies.
Booby Traps   (Australia)
They sell kits that do not include underwires which must be ordered separately. They do not sell online but require you to fill out an order form to submit to them with payment.
Bra-Maker Supply   (Canada)
This company that sells Beverly Johnson's book has an extensive line of supplies. They stock one of the nicest brands of Powernet as well as the largest selection of underwire sizes. Use the "Download" link on this website to access their charts for underwire sizes.
The Emerald Studio   (Canada)
This Etsy shop sells an extensive line of bra making supplies and kits. Emerald also maintains a blog where she discusses bra making stories: Emerald's Blog Spot.
English Couture Company   (UK)
They carry a wide selection of bra-making supplies and fabrics including underwires.
Fabric Depot   (USA)
This Texas company carries fabric and bra making supplies. It offers powernet in a variety of patterns and colors. It also carries underwires.
Make It Yourself   (USA)
This online store offers a wide variety of products for projects including making: bras, corsets, hats, costumes, steampunk, and leather crafting.
M.Recht   (Australia)
This online store offers some bra making supplies including buckles, rings, and sliders but not underwires.
Sew Essential   (UK)
Sew Essential carries a limited selection of bra making supplies. They do have a small selection of underwires.
Sew Sassy   (USA)
Sew Sassy has an extensive line of bra findings and fabrics. This link will take you to their index of bra making supplies which includes a link to underwires.
Sewing   (UK)
They carry a wide selection of bra-making supplies and fabrics including underwires.
Sew Squirrel   (Australia)
Sew Squirrel offers bra making and lingerie supplies. The bra findings are from Bra-Maker in Canada. You will need to use the Underwire Charts on that site to determine the size of underwire you need.

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Modeling Clay Sources

Modeling clay can be used to create a bra cup form for designing bra patterns. If you use non-hardening modeling clay, you can refine and change the shape of the bra cup any time you choose.

For more information and a video for dial-up connections, see the descriptions in my Patternmaking Classroom. If you are not registered for my school, use the Guest Login feature. There is no charge to view the information in this classroom.

The initial links below are for the Van Aken Plastalina Modeling Clay as it is non-hardening, non-toxic, and can be melted on a stove top. You can find additional resources by searching for "Plastalina," "Plastilina," or "Plasticene."

To determine how much modeling clay you will need, 1 pound of the Van Aken clay is 1 cup by volume. You can pour sand or kitty litter into a copy of the bra cup you wish to create a form for, then pour this into a measuring cup. If you are going to use the technique shown in the video, I would recommending getting at least 2 to 3 pounds of clay.

Van Aken
This is the manufacturer where you will find some useful information about this product.
Art City
Link to the Van Aken modeling clay.
Blick Art Materials
Link to the Van Aken modeling clay.
Clay World
Link to the Van Aken modeling clay.
Mister Art
Link to the Van Aken modeling clay.
Pearl Art Supply
Link to the Van Aken modeling clay.
Blick Modeling Clay
This clay is less expensive the Van Aken modeling clay. But there is no specifications for melting it. I have tried it and it works fine.
EZ-Shape Modeling Clay
This is another type of modeling clay that comes in sticks of a variety of colors. The package lists a melting temperature of 143F/62C.
Sculpture House Modeling Clay
Sculpture House makes three versions of it's non-hardening modeling clay: Roma Plastilina, Prima Plastilina, and Jolly King Plasteline. The Roma Plastilina comes in four different consistencies: soft, medium, medium firm and extra hard. When I was shopping for clay I found the Roma soft consistency was stiffer than the Van Aken. The Prima comes only in a medium consistency. The Jolly King Plasteline is there top of the line modeling clay.

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The Bra-Makers Manual   by Beverly Johnson   (Canada)
This is a comprehensive book about bra making that covers the history, terms, fabric, construction, and style variations. It is used as the text book for people who want to start a professional bra making business. If you are only buying one other book about bra making, I recommend this one.
Making Beautiful Bras   by Lee-Ann Burgess   (Australia)
This book covers a lot of different construction techniques and styling variations for making bras.
Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear   by Ann Haggar
This is a reference for a variety of different patterns for Lingerie styles in general. It includes some variations of bra designs.
Hoorah for the Bra: A Perky Peek at the History of the Brassiere
by Cheree Berry
This pop up book about the history of the bra is fun and also amazingly informative.
Online Chat Transcript
This is a transcript of the author chat I did for the Yahoo Group FitSnobs at the online school Destination Sewing. It is a free PDF download.

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"The Bra Dilemna Solved"   by Cynthia Elam
An online article from Threads magazine that encourages women to create their own bras.
"Bra Styles"
An article in HerRoom that shows different bra styles.
"The real wonder bra"
An article in about Cadolle, an atelier in Paris that has been making bras, corsets, waist-clinchers and full-body girdles for four generations following the strict rules of Parisian haute couture.

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