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Bra Kit from Fabric Depot

Bra Kit
Kit Order Number: KE520S Bra Kit in White, Black, or Nude
(Specify underwire size as described below)
Price $13.00 USD plus Shipping (International Orders are accepted)
Website Catalog: Fabric Depot
Email: Susan @
Phone: (979) 758-3100
I am not affiliated with Fabric Depot in any way. The information provided here is for the convenience of people who wish to create their own custom made bras.

The KE520S Bra Kit from Fabric Depot contains all the necessary supplies for making at least one custom-fit bra as described in my eBook How to Make Custom-Fit Bras and as I demonstrate in my Online Class of the same name. The bra kit is available in white, black, and the nude color shown above. It includes the following material.

  • Simplex Tricot (16" x 50" - 40 x 127cm)
  • Powernet for the Backband (15" x 15" - 38 x 38cm)
  • 3/8" Picot - Plush Elastic for the top of the bra band (60" - 150cm)
  • 5/8" Picot - Plush Elastic for the bottom of the bra band (60" - 150cm)
  • 5/8" Bra Strap Elastic (56" - 140cm)
  • 4 - 5/ 8" Bra Strap Slides (Slides are supplied instead of rings and slides.)
  • Hook & Eye Tape (4 rows of hooks of 3 columns of adjustment eyes)
  • Underwire channeling (36" - 90cm)
  • One Pair of Underwires (see below for how to specify)
  • Rashell Lace Trims
    (One wide and one narrow which will vary in style based on stock on hand.)

Underwire Size:
When you order the bra kit, you must specify the underwire size you need. The video below shows how to estimate this underwire size. I have prepared a special PDF file that shows the sizes of underwire available from Fabric Depot. Be sure to specify size by the color of the tips.


I recommend that you order additional underwires a size larger and a size smaller so that you can verify you have the most appropriate size for your body. Most women have one breast a different size from the other. By ordering the different sizes, you can wear test the underwires until you find the best size. You may also wish to order bra strap supplies in larger or smaller sizes. But do not ask for Fabric Depot to make substitutions for the materials in the kit.

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