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Online Suppliers
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The list of online resources shown here have been developed for my online Patternmaking Classes. For the specific tools and supplies I suggest, see my list of Tools and Supplies. That page also has additional videos including a version of the video above that is appropriate for people on dialup internet connections.

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Online Suppliers

Indicated below are some online resources for patternmaking tools and supplies. The patternmaking paper I recommend is called "Dotted Marking Paper." It comes in different widths as you will see from the links below. I have included a link to a sample of what it looks like as a PDF file.

Sew True would appear to be the resource most likely to be a convenient resource.

Atlas Levy   (USA)
Atlas Levy carries a variety of patternmaking tools and supplies.
Ace Sewing   (USA)
Ace Sewing carries a variety of patternmaking tools and supplies.
Atlanta Thread   (USA)
Atlanta Thread sells a variety of patternmaking and sewing supplies but not the marking paper.
B. Black and Sons   (USA)
B. Black and Sons sell tailoring supplies.
  • 45" dotted marking paper in 400 foot rolls
  • Pattern Notchers
  • Tracing Wheels
BeaconFabric   (USA)
Beacon Fabric sells 36" dotted marking paper by the yard.
Bear Paper and Trim   (USA)
Bear Paper and Trim sells dotted marking paper in widths from 36" to 72". You need to contact them by phone.
MacCulloch-Wallis   (UK)
MacCulloch-Wallis sell patternmaking paper which they call dots and crosses. It comes in sheets rather than in rolls. They also have tracing wheels.
Morplan   (UK)
Morplan sells pattern notchers.
Sew True   (USA)
Sew True carries a variety of patternmaking tools and supplies.
  • Dotted Marking Paper in 45" and 60" widths by the foot and by the roll.
  • Pattern Tracing Wheel
  • Muslin, medium weight, by the roll and by the yard.
  • Pattern Notchers (optional)
  • L-Squares (optional)
Socraft   (Australia)
Socraft carries a variety of patternmaking supplies and tools including dotted marking paper
Southstar Supply   (USA)
Southstar sells dotted marking in a variety of widths but only by rolls of 500 feet.
Wazoodle   (Canada)
Wazoodle sells 36" Dotted Marking Paper in 5 yard rolls.

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Sewing Tools and Notions

Most sewing tools and notions you will need for patternmaking are available from your local fabric stores. Listed below are some online resources. Most of these stores carry a multitude of products. The easiest way to find a specific product from these stores is to use their search function.

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Gingham Fabric

I recommend gingham fabric for fitting basic slopers. Indicated below are some online resources where you can purchase it. Fabric Direct seems to consistently offer it at the best price in the US.

100% Cotton Gingham

This gingham is more expensive than the more common cotton/polyester gingham. I personally would not use it because I like to treat the gingham as scratch paper. But some people are asking where they can acquire this and a very helpful member of my Yahoo Group supplied these resources.

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